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Worshiping Evanglist, Author,
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Grace or Disgrace? Folks use grace in so many ways with no idea what the bible actually says in context about it. Now grace mania has struck our nation! It is at best misunderstood and at worst a new type of fake religion! Now is time to learn what the Bible says about grace! How it works and how it does not. His grace as the bible describes it for us today! Keeping God as God in our thinking causes the love and life of Jesus Christ to spring forth from us. But when we use the things of God to try and be Godlike without God. We carelessly sow havoc and theological dismay in our lives. This book helps us learn how to keep ourselves in the humble submission to His headship, for to use the things of God and not submit to His Holy Headship is both futile and perilous! Enjoy this book and learn of His great and marvelous grace!

Jeff Moore Ministries

122 Pages 1 MB PDF