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A religious spirit (an evil deception) can convenience you are better, superior and more godly than another, who you have decided is less than you - even make you feel good about it.

If you think you are good... our low class efforts to be good are actually tarnishing the image of God. The Apostle Paul saw this in himself; he overcame his religious pride and went on to His destiny. Let us seek that understanding and repent! And thereby, we become what God designed us to be.

Weary of the darkness, Believers may put aside their consumption of worldly goods and set their desire upon the fulfillment that only the Spirit of God brings. First, souls come under conviction feeling their separation from God - yielding to a deeply personal repentance. Then, Believers bound together fervently seeking the light of His presence, wherein Christian prayers are amplified and manifested. Expanding outwardly, Pre-Believers (those not yet redeemed) are drawn to the outpouring of joy, peace, kindness, goodness...

This is REVIVAL! Individuals are renewed, masses of people are drawn into the Kingdom, and institutions change. And thereby, both church and state may be turned toward God.

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